About Us‚Äč

Energy Express- a place to share unique handmade gifts created by Filiz.

Combining over a decade in experience with holistic healing, Filiz shares her items of beauty here, filled with love  to create more flow for you.   Her work is known to shift energy; enhancing, uplifting and transforming the person and the space.

"It is my understanding that there is a silent force that permeates everything, and it is our unique individual path to find our own personal flow.  We express ourselves every minute of every day and it is my work to keep creating energetic vibrant products full of life force that create more flow for me and you in our every day lives."



A very power full spark

A sacred energy force


Through my body

Capturing my heart

Inspiring my mind

Created by my hands

Expressed as;

Love, respect & honour.

Filiz - 2013

We hope that you can use our products and services to assist you on your journey to FLOW

With love and laughter,

Filiz Halil, Creative owner at www.infiniteu.com.au // www.energyexpress.com.au //

                                    Filiz preparing for a signature scent session.